The MarLiant Solution

MarLiant answers to the need of ship-owners, vessel management companies and offshore installations, as well as their crews, for a reliable, secure and cost-effective (multi-user) Windows platform with unconditional and uninterrupted availability at all times, which is easily deployed and maintained, and tailored for both ‘retrofits’ as well as newly build vessels. With remote maintenance and (anti-virus) updates as well as 24/7 world-wide service and support in over 150 ports guaranteed. MarLiant is the logical next step for any vessel required to have a cost-effective and reliable on-board IT solution.

No single point of failure and unique service processors!

MarLiant systems rely on NetWave’s proprietary WaveNet™ redundancy technology consisting of embedded service processors in conjunction with dual CPU’s, network switches, and iSCI RAID controllers, completed with a tandem UPS with battery backups. The system is capable of running from multiple or single power sources with marinized surge suppression, EMI filtering and automatic failover (220 V AC nominal, 24 V DC Ship’s Supply, 24 V DC UPS combo). Within the MarLiant system, software applications are centrally placed on (and run from) the Windows Server 2008 Application Server, rather than on individual shipboard pc’s. Any and all known Windows applications are executed on the MarLiant central server in a virtually unlimited number of parallel sessions, on behalf of multiple client workstations. These may be thin-clients or existing PC’s and laptops running independent software or RDP (remote desktop protocol) sessions. The fact that the server and its data are virtually indestructible, and the low-cost thin-clients are crew replaceable, makes MarLiant the shipboard computing platform more easy to maintain and the most reliable system money can buy.

MarLiant Premium

Shore based IT specialist may choose to make use of NetWave’s web-based monitoring & update platform, making use of NetWave’s central server. To the benefit of our customers, NetWave provides a low-cost end-to end monitoring & control solution in a centralized server-based infrastructure, allowing automatic store & forward updates of shipboard applications and data. The shipboard IT Fleet Manager modem makes use of 3G/HSDPA(GSM) based network. Upon coming into coastal reach, the interface automatically polls the NetWave server for exchange of status commands, logfiles or updates. Optionally the ITFM interface provides a lower cost ‘always on’ internet connection, saving cost i.e. on FBB connections. Extreme security measures have been provided to isolate any system within the customer’s fleet from other users.

Why choose MarLiant

Transparency & Manageability

Today’s offshore IT challenges require a stable, reliable and secure shipboard IT environment to manage the vessels or offshore installations efficiently and transparently. Originally ‘on-shore’ line-of-business applications are now conquering the fleet, as well does the increasing integration with shore based back-offices. Shorter delay times, higher availability and lower cost-of-ownership are the key factors for successful deployment of on-board IT systems. MarLiant is the cost-effective solution of choice to meet these requirements.

Cost of Ownership

Increasing functionality and dependability on shipboard PC based application software to support primary line-of-business processes drive the unavoidable need to secure the continuous availability of on-board systems. The cost to keep the down-time of these systems limited grows exponentially when errors occur while a vessel is making passage without educated IT staff or spares on board, especially in an outdated environment where hard- and software is deployed over multiple service-points like in a network of PC’s. The centralized MarLiant system architecture secures the highest availability possible, even in the event of a hardware failure of one or more of its parts. This results in an uninterrupted availability to the crew, while postponing a service event to any future port of convenience. The fact that NetWave has more than 150 trained and certified engineers along the major shipping routes and the MarLiant solution may be remotely managed by NetWave or the ship-owners IT department leads to the lowest cost per seat available for offshore computing today. On top of that, NetWave warrants a life span of the MarLiant form factor for a minimum of 10 years, while any future hardware upgrades are easily achieved by merely exchanging single (i.e. CPU) modules within the system.

Maritime Design

Contrary to standard PC’s or servers, MarLiant hardware was specifically designed to withstand offshore environmental and operating conditions. Multiple, server independent, serviceprocessors allow hardware monitoring, power conditioning and filtering, temperature & humidity control, vibration, ventilation performance, and much more. Data storage at RAID51 level, realized with Solid State Drives, secures state-of-the-art data protection for offshore installations. A fully redundant system without any single point of failure leads to non-stop computing without compromise!


Thin Client topology and Network Access Protection (NAP), in conjunction with (fleet-wide) enforced security policies; fully eliminate exposure to abuse or crew tampering (games, viruses). Automatic ‘near real-time’ anti-virus software updates via polling over lowest cost communications paths provides an unrivaled way to keep systems clean!


Optional NetWave Project & Configuration Management Services allow pre-configured ‘plug & play’ systems to be delivered to any yard or port, being it for newly build vessels or those vessels with an already existing network and PC clients. Network verification and certification capabilities. Local installation & commissioning by certified agents. Optional customer and service agent trainings are offered via the MarLiant Academy at Rotterdam, Singapore (Q4- 2012) and Houston.


Remote updates as well as system monitoring and control, in conjunction with fast modular exchange of spares and automatic system rebuild capabilities, guarantees cost-effective repair and maintenance. NetWave trained and certified service agent network, with standardized exchange hardware immediately available from most ports along the main shipping routes.


Where a stable and unified platform is realized, Cost-of-Ownership is reduced because MarLiant’s Client-Server technology simplifies hard- and software deployment & control to a single point of attention and maintenance. Deployment throughout the fleet realizes a unified, transparent offshore IT platform perfectly supported along the major shipping routes, without customer intervention if required. Remote access and control by the customer or NetWave’s extensive support department quickly and cost effectively remedies any issues encountered without hindrance or delay. Improved systems, security and availability result in less sustainability efforts and reduced cost!