Broadband Global Area Network


BGAN terminals use Inmarsat I-4 services for reliable and fast data/voice communications. Together with the stability of the L-Band services and with robust satellite terminals, from different suppliers developed for various requirements, that could provide both voice and data services simultaneously the size of the BGAN terminals vary from a small netbook size man-pack terminal to vehicular class terminals.

The reliable I-4 network and the infrastructure underlies allows the BGAN services to be used both in the civilian and also for military applications. Arskom had been providing the BGAN terminals according to the needs of the customer and also providing challinging airtime with VAS softwares.


  • Simultaneous voice&data

  • Global coverage (Polar regions excluded)

  • Reliable network

  • Network infrastructure supports civilian and military requirements

  • Easy to use

  • Supports up to 492 Kpbs streaming services& ISDN