Designed for the maritime environment

With over 5,500 vessels currently sailing with Netwave’s Voyage Data Recorder solutions, the company is one of the most qualified VDR designers and manufacturers in the maritime industry. NetWave’s VDR systems are specifically designed to overcome the issues arising in the Maritime environment. The Netwave VDR is designed to be placed inside consoles to reduce cable laying. The benefit is faster (and therefore cheaper) installation, ease of service and with the Power over Ethernet interconnectivity, ease to use and expend. Because of the special design, the Netwave VDR is used in new building installations as part of IBS, and is also used to replace older VDR solutions which are end-of-life, have high service costs or are non-functional.

NetWave’s system architecture is unique in the fact that the used devices are connected by means of one single cable, referred to as WaveNet cabling technology. Power and Data are transmitted over this single cable on two twisted pairs, eliminating the need for extensive and complex, and therefore costly, cabling models. The Netwave VDR is designed to allow fast track nstallation, ease of service due to it’s Flexible Modular Design. The NetWave VDR and (S)VDR systems consist of five major components:

    • HSS Hardened Storage Server with Protected Memory (capsule)
    • PSU Power Supply & Switch Unit
    • BCU Bridge Control & Alarm Unit
    • WIM WaveNet Interface Module
    • DCU Digital Connection Unit


Netwave VDR’s Unique Characteristics

The NetWave VDR series are an entirely new generation of Ultra Compact (S)VDRs, designed with emphasis on cost-effective installation and ease of use.

On today’s market, this system provides the smallest footprint, the lowest installation cost and offers the ship-owner the option to not merely consider the (S)VDR system as a mandatory necessity, but provides management -tools and -data to improve transparency in the ship’s overall operational performance.

Fast Track Installation

Simplified installation due to one single wire WaveConnect® cabling between the main units using ‘no-solder’ Quickcon© hermetically sealed connectors, which allow connections within 10 seconds, requiring no tooling, and achieve long lasting protection. Daisy-chainable interconnection scheme further reduce installation cost. With WaveNet Single Wire connection for Data as well as for Power, the amount of cabling necessary is reduced with more then 50%, allowing the system installation to be performed faster than any other (S)-VDR.

Auto Configuring

As soon as the system is physically connected, you can add the power source to the PSU. Right after this, the system will auto configure itself, detecting on which channel is what system. Auto Configuring will reduce the time the engineer is installing the system and is reducing the errors made by installing manually.

NW-4600 Hardened storage Server

Netwave developed its own Hardened Storage Server, making sure the total concept is in our hands. With our own capsule with integrated storage server with network drive, we proof to be the expert on VDR and S-VDR.

Flexible Modular Design

We have no difference in S-VDR and VDR, except for the number of DCU’s to be connected. With our single wire system, you can increase the number of Interface Modules by just adding them to the system!

Service Friendly

Power of Ethernet enables you to change adapters or total interfaces within 15 minutes by un-plugging the channel, remove the adapter and re-plug the channel again. This will reduce your service cost over the years, which can be a huge burden afterwards!


a. Live Data Monitoring On the bridge control unit, you can see real-time what the VDR is storing.

b. Laptop/PC If you would like to see the software on your screen, just plug a laptop into the JR-45 port in front of the bridge control unit and you can instantly check the system; Ideal for engineers and customs officers! With the 2nd RJ-45 port in the PSU, you can connect one PC (preferably PC in Master office) which is always connected to the VDR for urgent checks and downloads.

c. Remote Diagnostics With secured passwords, you can check in the system real time from your office PC via Satcom. With our WavePlay software, you can easily make the right diagnostics for management purposes.